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Feel free to ignore this, people not involved in it. :D 

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So this is a thing: JSTOR has free access to some of its paid journal articles through their daily posts. Subjects differ, but there's enough interesting to me that I follow them.

If anybody else wants to follow their posts through the RSS feed on here, but hates figuring out how those things work, apparently you can just click subscribe through this page now that I've subscribed and its created the page:

And I had to set the name, so look, I spelled things right. :P

Hopefully I am not the only one geeky enough to think this is interesting.
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I finished my one for April, so I feel accomplished.

hunger magical/mythological creatures ritual sacrifice lazy day off day at the beach
resurrection sports/games history jealousy wine/alcohol
counseling/therapy distress (and rescue) WILD CARD beauty quarantine/isolation
violence bedtime rituals multiple personalities substance abuse drugs/intoxication
mistaken identity family (meeting extended family) undercover outer space evil scientists
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I did an opt-in card with settings, style (structure), and rituals. I'm pleased with it, especially that bottom line - as anyone who reads my fics knows, that is the perfect line for me. :D There's only a few prompts that I could see myself struggling with (curry night, for example, though I guess I could do a Lavender and Parvati at Hogwarts fic with it), but I am really excited about that last line.

Repeats and Repetitions Antarctica Festivals and Celebrations Sleepovers and Pyjama Parties Bodies of Water: Lakes / Ponds and Seas
Closets, caves and other tight spaces Graduation Poker Night Use of Symbolism Slow Build
Pastoral Idylls Five Things Wild CardSong Inspired The Theatre
Mountains Road trip The Shopping Mall Curry Night Points of Transition: Corridors and Stairways
Outsider POV Unreliable Narrator "It is the way of my people": Traditions Daily Rituals (Morning Routines / Nightly Prayers / Meal Times) Ritual Marks and Body Decorations

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A Silm fanfic for Halloween, featuring Orodreth, Finrod, Finarfin, and the woman who secretly loves Orodreth. Also, who killed Olwë? No real warnings, other than the fact that the name of the woman has to be guessed/inferred (however, there's not too many people it could be from the description.)

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ladybrooke: (Default), I'm backish. Again. Sorry, stuff just keeps happening. I do have three majors now, though.

It's been an up and down week, that I won't go into the full details of here (mainly because it would bore everyone..and I've already made some of you listen to them enough), but one thing that might be of interest to fellow Silm fans is that I've managed to get permission to write my essay on the Book of Job (which we had to read for class) over God and how Job is treated/his life compared to Eru and how Fëanor is treated/his life. I'm really excited about this essay, actually, as I've been able to talk about so much. :D

My first essay for that class was Epic of Gilgamesh fanfic (from the 1st person p.o.v. of Ishtar). It was fun, too.
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So, even though I'm horribly behind on replying to comments (again), I'm also now in the habit of cross-posting new essays here. And I was prompted to write another one this morning after reading through journals that made me go "Why? Why are other women saying these things? WHY?"

So, for your reading pleasure -

Female vs Male Fandoms: A Look At Fandom Misogyny )
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I'm still working on it (I keep getting distracted by cute little kid Fingon).

If anybody wants an idea of what my Celeborn is like, and his relationship with Galadriel -

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Jun. 23rd, 2012 03:56 pm
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...because I need to write things down, or I forget them.

1.) Finish this fic by the end of CampNano. This is going to be hard, but technically not impossible. I just need to write like 8000 words a day. Writing scenes out of order will probably help. Especially if I focus on the scenes I already know what is going to happen, so: 1. Celeborn and Indis talk about Miriel and Finwë; 2. Olwë and Celeborn fight, as Olwë plans to give up the search for Elu and venture to Valinor; 3. Celeborn and Galadriel talk; 4. Celeborn purposefully freaks Finrod out; 5. Finrod and Celeborn have a long discussion about why Celeborn trusts the Finarfinions less than the Feanorions and Fingolfinions; 6. Celeborn finds out about Miriel's death, Finwë's remarriage, and Finwë's death (complete with mutterings about beating Finwë's body); 7. Celeborn threatens to hit Dior with a candlestick.

2.) Figure out if I want to try and run my own Wrimo, based on pairing generators.

3.) Finish the pairing generators (it would help if I stopped getting ideas).

4.) Figure out what I'm doing for the second session of Camp NaNo, plus NaNo this fall.

5.) Finish birthday presents.

6.) Finish editing/writing all my B2MEB stories (the folder is so scary...)

7.) Finish the next three Troll!Mandos stories. Finwë's rebirth, Curufin's rebirth, and Aredhel & Turgon's rebrith.

8.) Keep all my various RP accounts on Twitter afloat.

9.) Next summer, start a blog/journal where I will (going at a rate of two chapters a week), examine the Quenta Silmarillion from the idea that it is assembled based on propaganda that is highly balanced in favor of Turgon, Idril, Earendil, and Elwing, and those elves that they were fond. Based off the fact that the Silmarillion, in universe, was probably based on the Annals of Beleriand and the Annals of Arda, which were written/edited by Pengolodh, who served the above people in Gondolin and Sirion. I'm sure other people have thought of this before, but I don't think anybody has taken it chapter by chapter (if anybody has, please tell me.)

*dies* If anybody wants to join any of the above things that are group activities, such as a possible wrimo, the RP accounts, etc, let me know. Or if you want to tell me I'm insane, you can do that too.
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Because I'm procrastinating again, I made Namo a Twitter account. He hates everybody, but if anyone wants to make an account and RP as an inhabitant of his Halls (or any other character), he'll interact with people as well. Or if anybody just wants to use their normal account and ask him questions, he'll answer.

Just be warned, he'll probably insult you. Oh, and slash. Because by my estimates there will be less than a day after the Ecthelion account is invented, before Ecthelion insists on calling him a c***blocker for not having Glorfindel around.

Edit: Make that less than two hours before slash content.
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In case anybody wants to experiment with writing crack pairings (though, you can also take ideas for non-crack, friendship, whatever), two of my friends and I have made a website featuring generators that can be sorted by books, races, sexualities, or ages (the ages category is still unfinished, I'm slowly working my way through them.)

In addition, there's an infrequently updated blog and forums (for anybody who wants to point out where I've made a stupid mistake and misspelled something, wrote a town's name instead of a person's, etc.).

Click here to visit the site.
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There is nothing like facing the implication that I'm mentally ill (this time termed as "have deep-seated problems") for nothing more than disagreeing with somebody. Yes, I ship Maedhros/Fingon. Yes, I write stories with that pairing. But implying that I think shipping fiction is the greatest thing in the world and that I have deep seated problems because of it...

I really wonder sometimes what goes through people's heads when they appoint somebody like this to any sort of authority position. I've been in those sorts of positions, and utterly hated some of the stupidity that came across. But that's what lets me say that that kind of behavior is utterly uncalled for.

(Also, a look at my recent stories would show that most of them are as close to non-shipping as you can come. Unless I'm about to start shipping Maglor/Ladybug).

...I'm just so frustrated at the moment. I haven't even opened that site today.
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Is it merely the opposite of fanfiction?

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Yes, I'm back. I brought you all a nice, shiny 500 word essay on original characters in original fiction, non-original characters in original fiction, and fanfiction. Hopefully, I don't forget my password again.
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So, my favorite team in basketball, for the first time in my life that I can remember (I had just turned 5 the last time they won) finally won a championship again last night! GO KENTUCKY! You all have no idea how excited I am (well, unless you've had to listen to me rant at ball games since last November. Then you're probably just as excited as I am, though for an entirely different reason.)

I barely slept last night, I was so hyper excited. :D

And now, my Mom and Step-dad are getting me a championship t-shirt for my Easter present, which is the best thing ever, because they're $30 with shipping, and I didn't want to spend my own money on something like that, but now it's going to be a present! <- The shirt I am hopefully getting. <3
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There were so many good prompts that weren't called....

list )
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This is very last list of March (though, quite likely, the other numbers are getting their own planned/started lists come May)

Fic 1:
AU 2 – Eomer dies on the Pelennor Fields; Book Title – Tongues of Serpents; Colors - Silver; Diners Club - Bread; Genre 2 – AU

Fic 2:
Maglor in History 1 – Rome Falls

Fic 3:
Maglor in History 2 - Charlemagne

Fic 4:
OC 1 – an inlaw; Elven Realms - Dorthonion; Smells - flower; Song Lyrics – In this spellbound night, the world’s an elvish sight – Nightwas – Elvenpath; Tolkien’s Trees – Cypress; Languages - Interpreter

Fic 4:
Crack Fic 1 – Deliberate Badfic!; Silmarillion Geography – Gondolin, Turgon’s secret city; Caroling – If you really hold me tight – Let It Snow; Poetic Language - Personfication

Fic 5:
Crossover 2 - Sports
BASKETBALL! Feanorions vs. Fingolfions & Finarfions

Pic 1:
Draw a Character - dancing

Fic 6:
Powers and Underpowers – Varda: Black Hole

Fic 7:
Quenya and Sindarin – Gul – magic lore, long study (being used mostly of secret knowledge, especially such as possessed by artificers who made wonderful things)

Fic 8:
Relationship – Interracial marriage
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Day 31 coming later today...

Fic 1:
Crack Pairings 1 – Melian/Bilbo; Injuries - cough; Poetic Language - Metaphor; Powers and Underpowers – Melian: meeting survivors of Doriath after her flight to Valinor; Quenya and Sindarin – Uthaes – Inducement to do wrong, temptation

Fic 2:
OC 1 – a poisoner; Book Title – Dead Poets Society; Diners Club – fruit (author’s choice); Elven Realms - Ithilien; Faramir – questioner; Festivals - Harvest; Silm Geography – Arnor, the northern realm of the Numenoreans in Middle-earth; Smells - moss

Fic 3:
Maglor in History 2 – Alexander the Great

Fic 4:
All Creatures – Rochallor, Warhorse of Fingolfin; Talents and Skills – flute-playing; Write What You Know – What scares you?

Fic 5:
Tolkien’s Trees - Nimloth; Waters – Underwater ruins; In A Manner of Speaking – needle in a haystack

Fic 6:
Alternate View Points – “A Long-Expected Party” – The Fellowship of the Ring

Fic 7:
Steward and His Sons – Seek for the Sword that was broken

Fic 8:
Art Supplies - Kiln; Last Lines – “_____ was alive, but taken by the Enemy.” – Tolkien, The Two Tours

Fic 9:
This Means War – Amlach vs. Morgoth
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So, to top off this horrible month, just found out my Grandpa is in the hospital, and has been since Tuesday. I have no idea what's wrong with him, my mom told me nothing, and I'm 2 and a half hours from home, with no way of going home until next Thursday, which is just perfect. And I'm all alone here at college, even the few people I know well enough to talk to about this, I have no idea where they live, and I have so much to get done this weekend, but now I don't know how I'm going to keep it together long enough to actually do it...and I'm avoiding the phone for the rest of the night. I just don't want to talk to my mom again tonight...
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