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I did an opt-in card with settings, style (structure), and rituals. I'm pleased with it, especially that bottom line - as anyone who reads my fics knows, that is the perfect line for me. :D There's only a few prompts that I could see myself struggling with (curry night, for example, though I guess I could do a Lavender and Parvati at Hogwarts fic with it), but I am really excited about that last line.

Repeats and Repetitions Antarctica Festivals and Celebrations Sleepovers and Pyjama Parties Bodies of Water: Lakes / Ponds and Seas
Closets, caves and other tight spaces Graduation Poker Night Use of Symbolism Slow Build
Pastoral Idylls Five Things Wild CardSong Inspired The Theatre
Mountains Road trip The Shopping Mall Curry Night Points of Transition: Corridors and Stairways
Outsider POV Unreliable Narrator "It is the way of my people": Traditions Daily Rituals (Morning Routines / Nightly Prayers / Meal Times) Ritual Marks and Body Decorations

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I'm still working on it (I keep getting distracted by cute little kid Fingon).

If anybody wants an idea of what my Celeborn is like, and his relationship with Galadriel -

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Is it merely the opposite of fanfiction?

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Yes, I'm back. I brought you all a nice, shiny 500 word essay on original characters in original fiction, non-original characters in original fiction, and fanfiction. Hopefully, I don't forget my password again.
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So...Script Frenzy is about 8 days away. Guess who has no idea what so ever about what they're writing? I need to figure this out, quickly, but I have no time to do that until 9:15 am on Thursday, at the earliest. It's completely possible to come up with an idea the day I start, though with my luck, Fingon would invade that too.

Also, I wasn't planning on doing NaPoWriMo...but the idea for doing 30 days of Celegorm's (and possibly a few other characters) increasingly bad poetry to Aredhel, Luthien, etc won't leave me. Granted, that means that I will be inflicting more poems with awful rhyming like the delightful first Celegorm attempts Poetry one (which has dogs, balrogs, and she fastly jogs - what's not to love/be frightened by?), but on the other could be fun.


Aside from those two that are next month, I think I've gone slightly insane....oh well, what is life for, if not cutting your hours of sleep down to practically nothing, causing your fingers to hurt all the time, and then doing it all over again the next month?

At least this will be slightly easier to do this summer, though the slightly easier part is only because I don't have school. On the other hand, I do have to actually spend time with people...and I keep finding new challenges to do this summer, besides CampNaNo twice.

So yeah....I sort of want to do the 365project, starting this summer.

National Epic Poetry Month would be fun, if I was actually capable of writing epic poetry (or anything other then bad poetry)

Story a Day sounds fun too (and it's not like I'm not already writing a story a day (or when I'm on break, several stories a day. Except they're fanfic, and not original fic...)

And Noveldom. Just because if I want to have any hope of keeping that New Year's Resolution (to read 100 books by the time the year was over), I'm going to have to get my butt in gear and read, read, read over the summer. 10,000 pages in 93 days would be one way of doing that....

And this will be edited as I find more things I want to do....
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So, I've just realized that the more I write, the more scared I am to show it to people, at least this month. It's weird...but I thrive off what people think, and some of the prompts I throw together are so weird, that I'm constantly second guessing myself. And it doesn't help that my life is all screwed up now as well...

Maybe I just need to stop posting for a while. This constant second guessing is driving me nuts.
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I've wanted to do one of these for a long time...but never got around to it. So, here it is (and this will be updated every so often, as I write new fics). And, as the list shows, I really need to do a better job of putting my stuff places other then deviantArt.

Separated by Time Period:

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