Mar. 29th, 2012

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I hate lab, for the sole reason that I am always in it when the prompts are announced, and that I never have time to post this until after the next number has already been called...*sigh*

Fic 1:
AU2 – Boromir never dies at Parth Galen; Canon Couples – Denethor/Finduilas; Faramir - Statesman; Discoveries - optics; Beachy and Coastly – Dock/quay; H/C – chest cold

Fic 2:
Finrod – Of the House of Olwe;

Fic 3:
All Creatures – Glaurung, The Father of Dragons; Deep Thoughts - eternity; Festivals - Wedding; First Lines – The cold passed reluctantly from the earth, and the retiring fogs revealed an army stretched out on the hills, resting. – Crane, The Red Badge of Courage; Food - Soup; Genre 1 – Murder Mystery; Smells – wood smoke; Meta – If [insert canon work] took place during World War I or II; Silmarillion Women – wives and mothers unnamed in canon; Genre 2 – Romance; Poetic Language - hyperbole
...where else are you going to get a romantic murder mystery, spanning the ages of the world, featuring Orodreth and his wife?

Fic 4:
Powers and Underpowers – Este: Warrior doubling as healer; Rare Characters – Eru Illuvator; Archery in Arda – Wood-elves of Mirkwood

Fic 5:
Feanatics – Daddy Issues

Fic 6:
Last Lines – “There wouldn’t be any decent wine, would there?” – McCaffery, Masterharper; Magic and Real – The Kingdom of this World – Alejo Carpentier; Tolkien’s Trees - elm

Fic 7:
March of 3019 – March 16th: Shagrat in route to Barad-dur
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Cussing ahead...

I am, for the most part, relatively hard to piss off permanently. I might get angry for a bit, but it normally goes away, and if you're my close friend, I probably won't get angry to begin with, whatever my rather Feanor like temper might suggest. However, I absolutely hate it when somebody I don't know, who doesn't even bother to introduce themselves, decides to lecture me on things I do happen to know a lot about. Hey, precious little snowflake who is apparently too good to comment on the actual art (not mine), but is good enough to focus in on one commenter and decide to lecture - I'm very aware of the fact that according to Tolkien, Feanor apparently stays in the Halls until the Final Battle. The words "While I'd like to imagine this was after he was released, I know it likely isn't" and "Mean Valar, keeping him in there" should have been a clue that I know that. Also, generally, it's a kind thing to introduce yourself, not just randomly start lecturing people. That's the kind of thing that gets you a reputation as a bitch.

Also, if you'd do a simple thing - you know, like try clicking on the link to my profile, honey, you'd have been able to see just how well I do know Tolkien's works. And maybe, just maybe, it'd be a good idea to realize that people do see his works differently, and that some of us like to write AUs, crack jokes, etc.


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