Mar. 28th, 2012

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Who's ready for Ar-Pharazon/Miriel bsdm? *crickets* about Faramir/Eowyn playing around with fire? *even more crickets* Who thinks b2meb is driving me nuts, since I had never written a pwp, R rated romance, or anything similar before this, and these two are like the eighth this month?

Fic 1:
OC 1 – a minor noble; Crossover 2 – Erotica; Favorite Couples – Ar-Pharazon/Miriel; Languages - Adunaic; Last Lines – I’ll come with you.” – Zahn, Vision of the Future; Love – “And love grew between them, as little might be thought.”; Textures – pebbled

Fic 2:
Archery in Arda – Ithilien rangers; AU2 – Arachne kills Frodo; Beasts - Oliphaunt; Emotions - hope; Cause of Death – falling; Genre 1 – tragedy

Fic 3:
First Lines – “______ discovered the door a little while after they moved into the house.” –Gaiman, Coraline; Maglor in History 1 – The Battle of Hastings

Fic 4:
Mirkwood the Great – Misunderstanding; Quenya and Sindarin – Tyenya “My tye” (tye being an intimate form of “you”), used = “dear kinsman”

Fic 5:
Alternate View Points – “The Uruk-Hai” – The Two Towers

Fic 6:
Horror – Deep Woods and Water; Rare Characters – The Watcher in the Water

Fic 7:
Crack Fic 1 – Jedi Powers and Lightsabers

Fic 8:
Riddle Me Writerly – My word is my weapon – riddles as defense and attack; Silm Fanon – Dareon + Maglor = BFF; Song Lyrics – And the songs that I have sung echo in the distance like the sound of a windmill goin’ round – Deep Purple – Soldier of Fortune

Fic 9:
Steward and His Sons – Playing with Fire
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It's Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats. The important bit is that the main guy looks like one of the Noldor:

...more singers need to look like this. (Also, the guy looks nothing like that now...but still! Noldor!)


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