Mar. 27th, 2012

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This number was designed to frustrate me, I think...

Fic 1:
Archery in Arda – Telerin bows; Artifacts and Weapons – Ringil (Fingolfin’s sword, which glittered like blue ice); Caroling – And they looked up and saw a star… - The First Noel

Pic 1:
Colors - rose; Draw a Character – wearing pink; Games – Hopscotch
Little kid!Turno watches other kids play out the window...

Fic 2:
Controversial Topics – Was Tolkien Racist?
Yay for rantinng essays - NO! He was not! How much do you all want to kill me?

Fic 3:
Crack Pairing 1 – Orodreth/Thuringwethil; Languages - Sindarin; Last Lines – “I’d just make more tea.” – Viehl, StarDoc; Textures - silken; TVTropes – Tangled Family Tree; Silm Women – defying expectations

Fic 4:
Five Books – Nerdanel; In a Manner of Speaking – home, sweet home; Rare Characters – Meleth of Gondolin; Smells – petrichor (the smell of dust after rain); Song Lyrics – You’re a one-man shift in the weather, you’re the woman who just won’t sell – Vienna Teng – Hope on Fire

Fic 5:
Forth Eorlings – Long Winter of 2758

Fic 6:
Hobbits – The Battle of Bywater

Fic 7:
Life Events – New Friendship; Mirkwood the Great – A Challenge

Fic 8:
Maglor in History 2 – The Cold War

Fic 9:
Steward and His Sons – Second Son; Talents and Skills – Sailing; Waters - Sea; Genre 2 – Family

Fic 10:
Women of Arda – Goldberry


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