Mar. 25th, 2012

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Hey look, this is actually being posted before the next day's number for once! (Even if it's only because I'm doing this during commercial and half-time of the Kentucky-Baylor game and what is now the Kansas-UNC game. When it's being played, I'm too busy yelling at the tv.)

Fic 1 -
Controversial Topics – Was Tolkien Sexist?
...totally going to be a rantish essay. Totally...

Fic 2 -
Crack Pairings 2 – Indis/Cirdan; OC1 – a twin; Quenya and Sindarin – Imrath – long narrow valley with a road or watercourse running through it lengthwise; Riddle Me WRiterly – Paradox: their concealing betrays their object

Fic 3:
Crossover 2 – Poetry; Meta – crossover

Fic 4:
Waters – underwater view; Genre 2 - Humor; Crack Fic 1 – Ye Old Shakespearean English

Pic 1:
Draw a Character – with a crazy hairstyle
See Orodreth's new hairstyle and clothing:

Fic 5:
Food – potato; Botany – common mushroom; Cause of Death – starvation

Fic 6:
Silm vs HP – Este vs. Poppy Pomfrey

Fic 7:
Beasts - goose; Genre 1 – mystery; Languages – language barrier

Fic 8:
Deep Thoughts – faith seeking understanding; Injuries – black breath; Steward and His Sons – Emyn Arnen; Stewards of Gondor – House of the Stewards, last resting-place of the Stewards of Gondor; Women of Arda - Eowyn

Fic 9:
Maglor in History 1 – The Titanic sinks

Fic 10:
March of 3019 – March 5th: The Dunedain ride through Rohan

Fic 11:
Silm Women – passing the Bechdel Test
..I hate this test, at least the far out ones that say that the women can't even be talking about men in a none-relationship way. Because, I mean, I wouldn't consider myself a far out ditzy relationship obsessed girl, and yet 90% of my conversations at some point talk about male characters, male basketball players, male coaches, male's a flawed test. But I'm writing it anyways....(...even though I'm not sure which version of the test is meant. If it's just that they can't be talking about men in a relationship, great! There's tons interesting that can be done with that. They can talk about wars, politics, etc...otherwise, there's only boring stuff. Who the hell wants to read Galadriel and Aredhel talk about sewing or something? If the version of the test is the one where they can't talk about men at all - you can't mention any of the Kinslayings. You can't mention the issues with Fingolfin and Feanor's fights. You can't mention Morgoth. Basically, they come off as being more ditzy and self-centered, because they can't mention any of the actual issues.)

This is my soapbox. I hate the urge to yell sexism or whatever just because a girl never talks to another woman without mentioning guys at some point. Especially if the guys can't even be mentioned in a none relationship way. It's so stupid, and in my view, does a lot to actually disguise actual sexist issues.

That controversial topics prompt is going to be such a soapbox rant, because I actually find Tolkien to be far less sexist then most fantasy authors. He's far less then Rowling, Meyer, Lewis, etc. I wouldn't even term him sexist, though I'd call all three of the others that.


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