Mar. 19th, 2012

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Fic 1:
Canon Couples – Pippin/Diamond; Crack Pairings 2 – Pippin/Nob; H/C – liquid diet; In a Manner of Speaking – blind as a bat; Injuries - /just a/ scratch; Cause of Death - hypothermia

Fic 2:
Beachy and Coastly – Seacoast marker; Book Title – The Wave in the Mind; Crossover 1 – with a crime drama; Song Lyrics – Open ears and open eyes, wake up to your starboard bride – Bon Iver - Calgary; Weather - windy

Fic 3:
Feanatics – family guy; Horror – eyes and mouths; Love – “He believed that he must now say farewell to both love and light”; Genre 2 - horror

Fic 4:
AU 2 – Theodred never dies; March of 3019 – March 23rd: One of the “faint-hearted”

Fic 5:
AU1 – And Elrond sighed over the map, for there was nothing to see this night

Fic 6:
Silm vs HP – Olorin vs Luna Lovegood; Silm Women – women with unknown fates; Riddle Me Writerly – Sphinx figures of Middle-earth; Winter Wonderland – sled/sledding

Fic 7:
Archery in Arda – Bow of Bregor
(Aka, Bregor is not sure of Aegnor at all.)

Fic 8:
Meta – If Tolkien wrote [insert famous literary work here]

Fic 9:
Sons of Feanor – Maglor in the Fourth Age

Fic 10:
Hobbits – The Fallohides in Rhovanion

Fic 11:
Rare Characters – Castamir the Usurper

Fic 12:
Stewards of Gondor – Pelendur plays the chief part in rejecting Arvedui’s claim

Fic 13:
TVTropes – Kill it with Fire
(...the Morgoth fangirls are going to kill me. Even if it is easy to see Morgoth standing around, screaming to send the Balrogs out and kill it (aka, Feanor) with fire.
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...I knew it wouldn't be long before Fingon cheerfully let himself into a story he really wasn't meant to be in.

Fic 1:
AU1 – Aredhel longs for forests – and so challenges Turgon for leadership of Gondolin.; Artifacts and Weapons – Feanorian Lamps; Emotions – love; Injuries - concussion
"Why what?"
"Why did you let me come back here? You and father - I left, and then I come back here like this and -"
"Shhh....Because you're my brother. That's what brothers do."

Fic 2:
Magic and Real – Tales of Love, Madness, and Death – Horacio Quiroga; Cause of Death - torture; Riddle me Writerly – I am always hungry, I must always be fed, the finger I touch will soon turn red; Scientific Achievement - metalworking; Silm Fanon – Amrod & Amras: pranksters extraordinaire (in opposition to); TV Tropes – Ultimate Blacksmith

Fic 3:
Maglor in History 1 – The reign of Henry VIII

Fic 4:
Alternate View Points – “The Voice of Saruman” – The Two Towers; Food & Drink – ent-draught; Smells - fish

Fic 5:
Art Supplies - paper; Song Lyrics – Echos and silence, patience and grace, all of these moments I’ll never replace – Foo Fighters - Home

Fic 6:
Steward and His Sons - Son and Heir; Stewards of Gondor – Au – during the War of the Ring, Finduilas is still alive

Fic 7:
Diners Club - luncheon; Elven Realms - Tirion; Write What you Know – Title and/or lines from a favorite non-Tolkien poem
"One content, one sick in part;
One warbling for the mere bright day's delight,
One longing for the night.".....
"But when the noon waxed bright
Her hair grew thin and gray;
She dwindled, as the fair full moon doth turn
To swift decay, and burn
Her fire away."

Fic 8:
Tolkien’s Trees - Holly; Silmarillion Geography – Menegroth, Thingol’s city of a Thousand Caves

Fic 9:
Rare Characters - Rian totally counts if I write for the even rarer then rare Rian, daughter of Barahir, Steward of Gondor. *pouts* I don't like Turin, Tuor, or their family, cards. And I really think everybody in this world has something better to do then read a story where I tear original Rian to shreds, because I really don't like mothers that leave their children and wander off to die.

Fic 10:
This Means War – Ungoliant vs. Valar

blame autocorrect


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