Mar. 17th, 2012

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Let's see about today....I still don't feel that well. *sigh*

Fic 1:
Book Title – Silver on the Tree; Controversial Topics – Laws and Customs of the Eldar; Elven Realms - Cuivienen; First Lines – “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” – Austen, Pride & Prejudice; Love – love at first sight; Magic and Real – A Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Quenya and Sindarin – Umanyar “those not of Aman” Elves who did not reach the Blessed Realm (but did leave Cuivienen with the intention of going there); Relationship - intimacy; Sons of Feanor – Maedhros and Fingon; Talents and Skills - translating; Textures - bumpy; Silmarillion Women – women of the House of Fingwe; Emotions - joy
....I have no idea why Ingwe has decided he's in love with Celeborn and has been since the journey to Valinor, why Celeborn is now a porn star (except that you can blame #InMyHeart on Twitter), or why Fingon sneaked his way into a fic again.

Fic 2:
Feanatics – in Aman, the motherless child
Finally a chance to write poor little kid Feanor.

Fic 3:
Favorite Couples – Aredhel/Celegorm; Smells – pine trees

Fic 4:
Economy - agriculture; Food & Drink – Coimas/Lembas

Fic 5:
Finrod – Birth, during the noontide of Valinor; Life Events - birth
....well, might as well use them together. ;p

Fic 6:
Games - Backgammon; Hobbits – The Origins of Hobbits
...again, you all can blame #InMyHeart for this.

Fic 7:
AU2 – Gandalf never falls in Moria

Fic 8:
OC 1 – a black-sheep brother; Horror – Wraiths, Wights, and Ghosts; Forth Eorlings - shieldmaiden
Yes! Elf spirits possessing innocent shieldmaidens! *cackles*

Fic 9:
Alternate View Points – “Riddles in the Dark” – the Hobbit

Fic 10:
Maglor in History 1 – The launching of Sputnik

Fic 11:
Maglor in History 2 – Roman Empire

Fic 12:
Powers and Underpowers – Aule: cursed creations

Fic 13:
Silm vs HP – Morgoth vs. Voldemort

Fic 14:
Write What You Know – Title and/or lyrics from the last song you listened to.
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Well, let's see if Fingon/Maedhros manage to sneak their way in today...

Fic 1:
Canon Couples – Valacar/Vidumavi; Favorite Couples – Aegnor/Andreth
"They would have me leave the woman I love, for nothing more then the fact that she will not live as long as me, Father!"
"It is a logical reason, Valacar, look at some of the elves - Aikanáro left -"
"I'm not him. And I have no wish to act like him."

Fic 2:
AU 1 – Luthien never loved Beren; Life Events – Loss of Friendship; Love – A Mother’s Love; Women of Arda - Galadriel; Silm Women – women of Doriath; ; Textures - papery
....too many plot bunnies. This version has Celeborn/Luthien, the other will have Daeron/Luthien...everybody dies.

Fic 3:
Colors – Sea Green; Crack Pairings 1 – Boromir/Nienna

Fic 4:
Smells - grass; Sons of Feanor – Celegorm and Aredhel; Waters - pond

Fic 5:
Magic and Real –Autumn of the Patriarch – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
It would later become obvious that Atar had been diminishing during those times - though it was inconceivable at the time, and many would think it so today, Grandfather's death changed him in a way that we were all helpless to fix. It was the autumn of my father's life.

Fic 6:
Book Title – The Book Thief; Relationship - seduction
One of the first times she saw him, he leaned over her, grabbed her book, and wouldn't give it back. However, she couldn't bring himself to be mad at him when he flashed her a quick grin.

Fic 7:
Archery in Arda – Thorin Oakenshield; Economy – Traveling Merchants; Write What You Know – A food you dislike

Fic 8:
Maglor in History 2 – End of the Qing Dynasty

Fic 9:
Crossover 1 – with a story from your country

Fic 10:
Silm vs HP – one-handed Maedhros vs. one-handed Albus Dumbledore
"My brother sees him as his son, and I will not let you destroy him," he spoke, leaning forward.
"He is not your brother's son."
"Nor is he your pawn."

Fic 11:
Steward and His Sons – Captain of Ithilien Rangers

O.o Well, so far they didn't (I have the feeling Fingon is going to sneak into Fic 10, or somebody is going to mention it in Fic 4 or 5).


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