Mar. 11th, 2012

ladybrooke: (Dana Girls)
Let's see what I can get today...

Fic 1:
Crack Pairings 2 – Mithrellas/Daeron
"Do you love me?"
"Daeron -"
"You're just like her, you know. Except not as brave."

Fic 2:
First Lines – Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board. – Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God
"Father -"
"I know. We'll follow them anyways Fingon, we have to."

Fic 3:
Silm Fanon – (in opposition to fanon) Namo Mandos: a kinder, gentler Lord of Death; Festivals – Lovers’ Day
"You know it's Lovers' Day, don't you? Do you miss your wife? Would you rather it was her here?"

Fic 3:
TVTropes – Royals who actually do something; Mirkwood the Great – To war!; Tolkien’s Trees - pine

Fic 4:
Feanatics – Did you know? Feanor hugged his kids (really, he did!); Games – mancala

Fic 5:
Alternate View Points - “Helm’s Deep” – The Two Towers

Fic 6:
Finrod – Finrod – change of dialect from Findarato (story of character, study or essay of etymology; Food – Pasta (including noodle); Genre - friendship; In a Manner of Speaking – Ways to skin a cat; Languages - Taliska

Fic 7:
Art Supplies - beads; Horror – darkness, fog, and shadows

Fic 8:
Crossover 1 - …with a fairytale or folktale

List 1:
Let’s Get Meta – Create a music play-list to accompany a canon scene or event much trouble is it going to be if half the soundtrack to Thrill Me shows up on this?
"It had gone way too far
Yet there I was assisting
It had gone way too far"
.....probably won't actually work that well, but I am going to do this! (And ignore the slashy overtones...and resist the urge to set Nothing Like A Fire as an actual fic....)Will find other songs as well, of course.

Fic 9:
Waters - clouds

Bonus Fic:
Aragorn/Imrahil/Arwen ;P Because I said so. And to explain why there was a spambot for bisexual relationships in the comments of Cracked's HP/LotR graph...


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