Mar. 10th, 2012

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A few good ideas, a few bad ideas, a few ideas that will get me killed...with all new form of preview: brief sections of dialogue that should end up in the final story!

Fic 1:
Canon Couples – Earendil/Elwing; Crack Pairings 2 – Earendil/Gil-galad; Smells - onion; Textures - coarse; Winter Wonderland – gale; Caroling – You would even say it glows…. – Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer
"Is it the wind making you cry then?"
"What is it then?"

Fic 2:
Emotions - courage; Faramir - mentor; Five Books - Arwen; Food & Drink - Miruvor
"You must have courage, My Lady. And you can't rely on any drinks, no matter how good."

Fic 3:
Life Events - childhood; Magic and Real – The Seven Madmen – Roerto Arlt; Economy - infrastructure; Games – tournament
"Yes, brother?"
"Must you do that right now? The tournament is about to start."
"It is necessary, unless you wish for government to fall into ruin."

Fic 4:
Artifacts and Weapons – Gurthang (Turin’s sword, borne by Beleg and made by Eol)
"Why must you do this cousin?"
"Do what?"
"You aim to get yourself thrown out, Eol, you know what!"
"Tell me, Celeborn, have you truly fallen so far that you have given all your trust to Thingol?"

Fic 5:
Book Titles – Skin and Other Stories
"Maedhros? Don't stop."
(....see, they'll get a happyish story. Possibly)

Fic 6:
Quenya and Sindarin – Urug - “Orc” (rarely used), arch “bogey”, anything that caused fear to the Elves, any dubious shape or shadow, or prowling creature
"Urug? Do you mean orc, Grandfather?"
" Go back to your reading, Elrohir, it's nothing."

Fic 7:
Deep Thoughts - beyond; Silm vs HP – Sauron vs Bellatrix Lestrange
"They're saying on the streets that the Longbottoms have been tortured into insanity."
"Are they?"

Fic 8:
Powers of the World – Vana: juxtaposed with “In the juvescence of the year came Christ the tiger”
"I wish to go."
"Vana -"


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