Mar. 7th, 2012

Day 8 - N41

Mar. 7th, 2012 09:51 pm
ladybrooke: (Dana Girls)
Right...let's see what I can throw together today.

Fic 1:
Crack Fic 1 – Everything is better in Space; Quenya and Sindarin – Hyarmen “south” literally “lefthand-direction”, since the Elves named the directions as they were to a person facing the Blessed Realm in the West; Silm Fanon – (in opposition to) Middle-earth = Middle Ages

Fic 2:
Botany - Niphredil; Canon Couples – Thingol/Melian; Deep Thoughts - God

Fic 3:
Crossover 1 - ….with a mythological story; Last Lines – “I think that he is singing.” – Kushner, Thomas the Rhymer

Fic 4:
Song Lyrics – Lord of Gifts, your star shall fall; this is the end. This is the freedom call – Battlemore – Into the New World; This Means War – Sauron vs. Isildur

Fic 5:
Silmarillion Geography – Formenos – the stronghold of Feanor in the north of Valinor (set in); Economy - Redistribution; Food - Tarts

Fic 6:
Injuries – tooth ache; Rare Characters – Morwen Steelsheen

Fic 7:
Art Supplies - Easel; Finrod – Felagund – After-name by the Dwarves (story/essay)

Fic 8:
In A Manner of Speaking – Yours truly; Silm vs HP – Finrod Felagund vs. Cedric Diggory; N41 – Artifacts and Weapons – Ulumuri (horns of Ulmo, made out of white shell)

Fic 9:
Steward and His Sons - Sword and Bow; Stewards of Gondor – Aragorn and Faramir as King and Steward

Fic 10:
TVTropes – The Obi-Wan

Fic 11:
Five Books - Barliman

Fic 12:
Sons of Feanor – “The evil servants of Celegorm…”

....this is going to be so much fun.


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