Mar. 6th, 2012

ladybrooke: (Dana Girls)
Some really good prompts, some really bad....oh well, I will make them work!

Fic 1:
Botany - Rowan; Colors – Sky Blue; Feanatics – unjust exile; First Line – “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities; Life Events - sex; Sons of Feanor – Maedhros as a leader; Textures - smooth; Tolkien’s Trees - Hawthorn; Waters - Lake; Weather - cloudy
Summary: Fingon visits Maedhros in Formenos. He didn't expect his cousin to be this forward.

Fic 2:
B10 - Archery in Arda – Laer Cu Beleg (Song of the Great Bow); Forth Eorlings – History through Songs
Summary: One day, Eorl heard a passing bard singing the strangest song.

Fic 3:
Book Title – The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Nighttime; Caroling – Over the river and through the woods; Landscape – mountain gap
Summary: Celegorm just wants to pass through the mountains, he never thought something would be following him.

Fic 4:
Crack Pairings 1 – Feanor/Turin; Economy - Scarcity
Summary: Turin II of Gondor is utterly obsessed with the Noldor.

Fic 5:
Hobbits – Deagol and Smeagol; This Means War – Sam vs Gollum
Summary:....(meh) Don't expect anything great.

Fic 6:
Last Line – “We jumped.” Gould, Jumper; Love – Across all the ages of Arda
Summary: Fingon always watched over Maedhros.

Fic 7:
Maglor in History 1 – The One Ring is Destroyed
Summary: It is his self-appointed penance to watch over Elros's line.

Fic 8:
Maglor in History 2 – Napoleon conquers Europe; Quenya & Sindarin – Nothlir – family line (esp. as family tree, genealogical tree)
Summary: As he watches Napoleon conquer Europe, Maglor can already see the mistakes he's making.

Fic 9:
Mirkwood the Great - Birth
Summary: She waits. Soon, her children will be born.

Fic 10:
Silm vs HP – Turin vs HP
Summary: Harry Potter hates inferni. Especially the strange ones with swords.

Fic 11:
Stewards of Gondor – Denethor and Pippin; Talents and Skills - gardening
Summary: Pippin forces Denethor to think.

Fic 12:
Genre 2 – poetry
Summary: Celegorm attempts poetry. Unfortunately, he can't write poetry. Aredhel might just kill him.
(Since the hardest part of this was rhyming dog, it's already written and posted - ...I'd put it in a story, but I'm afraid it wouldn't fit the genre prompt anymore.)

...better summaries coming, after stories are written, revised, etc.


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