Mar. 3rd, 2012

Day 3

Mar. 3rd, 2012 09:13 pm
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Alright, so this post is actually coming after I started work on all of these, but here's the ones for Day 3 (Day 4 coming after I claim these, and figure out plots for those...)Summaries for those that I've come up with a goodish one for....

Fic 1
Prompts: Canon Couples – Manwe/Varda; Crack Fic 1 – Harlequin Romance; Diners Club - Cake; Discoveries - Anatomy; Games - Horseraces
Summary:....(rofl) I'll think of a real one when I stop laughing at it.

Fic 2:
Forth Eorlings – Marshall of the Mark; Crossover 2 – Comedy; Five Books – Pippin; Hobbits – The Gamgees; Winter Wonderland – Winter Festivities
Eomer is not quite sure what to think of this Hobbit, especially when he starts to tell a story about a family known as the Gamgees, a sled, and a Rosie Cotton.

Fic 3:
Archery in Arda – Lake Town Archers; Weather - sleet; Beasts - Crane

Fic 4:
Women of the Silm – Women of Numenor; Landscape - cove; Cause of Death - Exhaustion
They were going to die, and yet, it was hard to tell if they were the unlucky ones.

Fic 5:
Maglor in History 1 – Galileo & Heliocentrism; Women of Arda - Melain; Art Supplies - Carving; Love – Unrequited Love
If the Valar lied about the sun, what else had they lied about?

Fic 6:
Powers of the World – Tulkas juxtaposed with “We have invented happiness,” say the last men, and they blink; Horror – Spiders, Flys, and Maggots

Fic 7:
Silm vs HP – Huan vs. Animagus-form Sirius Black


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