Mar. 2nd, 2012


Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:13 pm
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(Yes, this is running behind schedule by almost 24 hours....I'm almost got enough done to claim then though. And it has a lot to do with lovely things like E4/E5 tornadoes, one that my sister saw out the window, and that pretty much destroyed destroyed the school in the town I grew up and my grandparents still live. I just - at 8pm, 5 hours after it hit - found out that my grandma is all right (my Uncle drove his car as close as he could, and then walked, and walked, and walked (No idea exactly how far, but at least 10 miles most likely to check on her).)

Anyways, my stories to be started in the next 11 hours:

Fic 1:
Prompts: AU1 – Identify a journey in the history of a population you’re interested in – how might it have gone differently?; Horror – Thuringwethil and other vampires

Fic 2:
AU2 – Arwen dies during the War; Crack Pairings 1 – Arwen/Theodred; March of 3019 – March 8th – The Dead receive their summons; Forth Eorlings – Ride of the Rohirrim; Deep Thoughts - we

Fic 3: Controversial Topics – Do Balrogs Have Wings?; Feanatics – Feanor: Savior of M-E;

Fic 4: Alternate View Points – The Field of Cormallen – The Return of the King; Diners Club - bacon; Food - Vegetables

Fic 5:
Cause of Death - Shock; Maglor in History 1 – Mongol Invasion

Fic 6:
Genre – Coming of Age; H/C – Chicken pox; Weather - Thundersnow; Winter Wonderland – Evergreen Trees; Women of Arda – Elanor Gamgee; Games – Drinking

Fic 7:
Economy – Real Estate;This Means War – Eru Iluvatar vs. Ar-Pharazon; Genre 2 - Manifesto

Fic 8:
Silm vs HP – Manwe vs. Lucius Malfoy;

Fic 9:
Riddle Me Writerly – Picturesque: They are sometimes allegorical

....hopefully, enough work done to claim these by midnight my time.....


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