Jun. 23rd, 2012 03:56 pm
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...because I need to write things down, or I forget them.

1.) Finish this fic by the end of CampNano. This is going to be hard, but technically not impossible. I just need to write like 8000 words a day. Writing scenes out of order will probably help. Especially if I focus on the scenes I already know what is going to happen, so: 1. Celeborn and Indis talk about Miriel and Finwë; 2. Olwë and Celeborn fight, as Olwë plans to give up the search for Elu and venture to Valinor; 3. Celeborn and Galadriel talk; 4. Celeborn purposefully freaks Finrod out; 5. Finrod and Celeborn have a long discussion about why Celeborn trusts the Finarfinions less than the Feanorions and Fingolfinions; 6. Celeborn finds out about Miriel's death, Finwë's remarriage, and Finwë's death (complete with mutterings about beating Finwë's body); 7. Celeborn threatens to hit Dior with a candlestick.

2.) Figure out if I want to try and run my own Wrimo, based on pairing generators.

3.) Finish the pairing generators (it would help if I stopped getting ideas).

4.) Figure out what I'm doing for the second session of Camp NaNo, plus NaNo this fall.

5.) Finish birthday presents.

6.) Finish editing/writing all my B2MEB stories (the folder is so scary...)

7.) Finish the next three Troll!Mandos stories. Finwë's rebirth, Curufin's rebirth, and Aredhel & Turgon's rebrith.

8.) Keep all my various RP accounts on Twitter afloat.

9.) Next summer, start a blog/journal where I will (going at a rate of two chapters a week), examine the Quenta Silmarillion from the idea that it is assembled based on propaganda that is highly balanced in favor of Turgon, Idril, Earendil, and Elwing, and those elves that they were fond. Based off the fact that the Silmarillion, in universe, was probably based on the Annals of Beleriand and the Annals of Arda, which were written/edited by Pengolodh, who served the above people in Gondolin and Sirion. I'm sure other people have thought of this before, but I don't think anybody has taken it chapter by chapter (if anybody has, please tell me.)

*dies* If anybody wants to join any of the above things that are group activities, such as a possible wrimo, the RP accounts, etc, let me know. Or if you want to tell me I'm insane, you can do that too.


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