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1. Why do you create fanworks? What does it mean to you?
I create fanfic because I want to tell stories or fix things in the books I read, movies I watch, etc. It's that simple. :P Sometimes I also write for other people's prompts, just to see if I can do a good job or to make them happy.

2. Talk about your process as a writer or a podficcer. How do you go about creating your art?
I start from a prompt most of the time, and then just write. Then I go back and revise the story to make it fit and flow from one bit to another. I wish I could say I have some grand plan, but tbh, I almost never do.

3. What are some ideas you have for how this collaboration could be specifically created for voice/audio? (You can see
this post for some possibilities to start with or look here to see what past participants have done.)
I'm going to take my cues on this from the people who have done it before! I know both of my partners have, so I'll just look for what you all think.

4. What wishes and expectations do you have in how your fanwork is treated?

Because I'm creating this specifically for this event, my only expectation is that the story doesn't get completely turned on its head and becomes an entirely different story. Other than that, I'm fine if wording gets changed in the process of recording if it works better for the podfic or anything else.

1.Tell your partner about a good and a bad group work experience you've had, either in fandom or at school or work (or other). What made the good one good? What made the bad one bad? What did you learn about yourself and what makes group work successful for you?
Good - partner and I both did work.
Bad - I did everything, which would be impossible in this anyways, so I don't think we have to worry about that. :P Honestly, any group work where I don't end up having to do everything or accept a bad grade has qualified as a good experience for me.

2. Suggest ways that the podficcer might be involved in the writing process that would work well for you.
Feedback on how I'm doing/if it will work/prompt ideas/story line ideas/whatever other ideas you want to throw out. I am good at writing out of my own imagination based on the stories or writing somebody else's idea.

3. Suggest ways that the writer might be involved in the podficcing process that would work well for you.
I'll leave this to my partners to tell me what will work well for them. :) I can do whatever.

4. Sometimes life emergencies arise. Make an emergency plan!
  • How many days without communication between your team do you think should be limit before someone reaches out to the mods to tell them a teammate is MIA? - I would say a week to 10 days. I don't want to jump the gun, but I also don't want to be left completely high and dry.
  • Are there any alternate ways of contacting you that you'd like your partner(s) to have? - Not really.
  • If an emergency does arise, what would be your preferred way of dealing with it? Bringing on another team member to help out with writing/sound effects/editing/etc? Dropping out (and telling the mods ASAP so a pinch hitter can be found for your partner)? Having a less intensive back-up project idea in mind to switch to if needed? If you're the podficcer, recording a draft early so that if you lose your voice or are otherwise unable to record later on, you have an emergency back-up recording you can edit? What other thoughts or ideas about this do you have? - I would like to try and have the stories written as quickly as possible, in case something does go wrong in my life later.

Share a piece of a fanwork you're particularly proud of (a page or so of a written work, a few minutes of an audio work) and explain why you're proud of it.
Oh god, I don't know. I've posted some 200+ stories on Ao3 alone (and that doesn't include the original stuff I've written), so trying to pick out a bit in particular I'm pleased with is hard. If there's some subject matter in particular you all would like to see (something like "Family interactions", "Fairy tale retelling", "Comedic fantasy", etc), let me know and if I've written it I'll post something from it).


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