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1. What strengths will you bring to the group?
I am prolific at writing, which means that I really don’t mind something like writing out several rough drafts for different ideas to see which one will work best, even if the ideas have nothing in common. I’ll do something with those later, and we can just use the best one for podficcing for the podfic – I really don’t mind!

I’m good at using other people’s prompts to produce a story, as well. Most of the fics I write over 1,000 words were written for a prompt, so I can usually produce something when pointed in a direction.

2. What may make you difficult to work with? (And, if you want, how can your partner help you with these difficulties?)

My available time to write/respond to emails is generally later in my evening (so after 8 pm or so EST until 1 am or so EST), because I am either doing chores with animals or helping somebody in my family the rest of the day. That doesn’t mean I won’t read the email/work on writing, it just means that I won’t have free time to sit and get the whole thing sent until then most days.

Also, I have a variety of health problems. None of them will keep me gone for more than a day or two, but it might take me that long to respond at points if things act up.

3. Have you ever collaborated on a fanwork with someone before? If so, describe what it was like, which things worked for you, which things didn't work as well. What do you expect from this collaboration?

My experience with collabs before have generally taken the form of a couple writers writing different stories within the same series, and so far it’s always worked out well – probably because we were already familiar with how the other wrote and what the general tone would be. I’ve never collaborated on a podfic before, so I have no real expectations other than somebody giving me feedback on if what I’m doing will work in podfic or if it would be a hot mess.

4. What level of communication and feedback do you want/need from this partnership? What are some ways/tools you can use to achieve this (ie. scheduled contact, using google docs/drop box to share WIPs)?*
Once I start writing, I would prefer to finish say at least a partial rough draft before it gets critiqued (say, 250 words at least), because I need that much to know whether I can actually write the story that way or if it’s the wrong place to start. After that, I want to be told if it’s going to work or if it won’t, because I’d rather shelve an idea for later use as soon as possible and start a new one if it won’t work for a podfic.

Other than that, as long as there’s communication on a regular basis (whatever that schedule ends up being), I can work with that. While I haven’t collaborated on a podfic before, I did a lot of collaborative things in school, and as long as there’s some contact, I can work with that. I just don’t like being left high and dry with no idea what’s going on. I did that enough in school, I'd rather not do it again. :p

Email is the best way to contact me, because it shows up on my phone and I know to get to my computer and check. I’m fine with whatever document sharing site, I have accounts on most of them and can create another if needed.

5. If you unknowingly said something or suggested something for the project that made your partner uncomfortable, how would you want them to address you about it (or would you rather not know)?
Please tell me. Just tell me, we’ll work with it, and I’d rather write something else than make the person podficing it uncomfortable! There are very few things I would absolutely refuse to write (and I can’t see any of them coming up in this), so if something is uncomfortable tell me and we’ll switch to something new. It is really no big deal to me.

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