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There were so many good prompts that weren't called....

Fic 1:
g46 AU 1 - In 2509, Galadriel, journeying to Imlardris on Conciliar business is waylaid by Orcs in the Redhorn Pass

Fic 2:
074 AU 1 - Identify your favorite deus ex machina moment in Tolkien's universe - how does history unfold without it
In which the Thorondor doesn't come to rescue Maedhros, and Fingon is forced to shoot. And from there, everything goes downhill.

Fic 3:
I26 AU 2 - Denethor dies a few years after his wife

Fic 4:
i24 book titles - A Clash Of Kings
Ingwe doesn't understand how Olwe thinks that would ever be fair, and Olwe doesn't understand how Ingwe has any pity for Feanor, Fingolfin, and their sons.

Fic 5:
g47 Cause of Death - Childbirth; g47 Crack Pairings 2 - Amaire/Caranthir
Perhaps this was his punishment - he had stolen his cousin's love, and then she had been stolen away from him.

Fic 6:
Controversial Topics n45 - The Parentage of Gil-galad
Threesomes! Incest!

Fic 7:
g46 Crack Pairings 1 - Fingon/Celebrimbor
Two plots: 1.) Maedhros rejects Fingon, Celebrimbor is lonely, and Orodreth turns a blind eye.
2.) Murder is never right, but Celebrimbor must have him.

Fic 8:
g47 Crack Pairings 1 - Manwe/Fingolfin
The real reason why the Valar exiled Feanor.

Fic 9:
n45 Crack Pairings 1 - Maedhros/Melkor
In which the War of the Jewels is about an entirely different meaning of Jewels....

Fic 10:
o75 Crack Pairings 1 - Curufin/Daeron
Curufin knows that this is wrong - he is married, and this is his brother's rival. But he can't stop himself.

Fic 11:
B2 Crossover 1 - with a literature classic

Fic 12:
i20 Feanatics - "He was very willing that the chief peril of assault should fall upon himself"

Fic 13:
g56 Feanatics - Dior: Pretty but stupid

Fic 14:
g48 First Lines - We are at rest five miles behind the front

Fic 15:
i25 First lines - Do you remember a fragrance girls acquire in autumn?

Fic 16:
n40 First Lines - One night when the royal bed had been prepared for ____ and ____ in _____, they engaged in pillow talk.

Fic 17:
g55 First Lines - There was no hope for him this time

Fic 18:
069 First Lines - I am forced into speech because men of science have refused to follow my advice without knowing why

Fic 19:
073 First Lines - They're out there.

Fic 20:
i25 Games People Play - Politics

Fic 21:
i19 Caroling - Those who sang creation's song

Fic 22:
b5 Horror - In the Stronghold of the Dark Lord

Fic 23:
n37 Horror - Madness and Hallucinations

Fic 24:
g49 Horror - Houseless spirits

Fic 25:
066 Horror - Cannibalism

Fic 26:
i24 Horror - Human Sacrifice

Fic 27:
o75 Horror - Tombs and Crypts

Fic 28:
071 In a manner of speaking - Not all There

Fic 29:
i19 Last Lines - True stories never end

Fic 30:
g53 Last Lines - His Ladies would be waiting.

Fic 31:
i26 Last Lines - I've been waiting a long time.

Fic 32:
g57 Last Lines - We'll think of something

Fic 33:
n42 Last Lines - I'm writing you a poem.

Fic 34:
g59 Last Lines - I'll come with you.

Fic 35:
073 Last Lines - Well, I'm back.

Fic 36:
071 Love - He loved him greatly: too much perhaps; and the more so because they were unlike.

Fic 37:
n45 Love - I love him. He's like that, and sometimes it shines through, somehow. But I love him, whether or no.

Fic 38:
n35 Magic and Real - A Universal History of Infamy

Fic 39:
073 Magic and Real - On Heros and Tombs

Fic 40:
i30 Magic and Real - The War of the End of the World

Fic 41:
g57 Magic and Real - The Burning Plain

Fic 42:
i19 Maglor in History - The French Revolution

Fic 43:
b12 Powers and Underpowers - Manwe: Thorondor aiding Maedhros and Fingon (assuming Thorondor worked on his own volition at that time)

Fic 44:
061 Quenya and Sindarin Hravani "The Wild, Wild-men Savages" used as a name of non-Edain men

Fic 45:
b3 Silm Fanon - Of Nerdanel's sons, Maglor was most like her

Fic 46:
n37 Silm Fanon - Angband: Melkor's secret S&M dungeon
LOVE NEST, folks.

Fic 47:
g54 Silm Fanon - Glorfindel of Gondolin = Glorfindel of Rivendell
He loved Glorfindel, he really did. And Glorfindel had to be in Rivendell, because it would be wrong for him to there and not Glorfindel.

Fic 48:
g57 Silm Fanon - Virago!Galadriel and Whipped!Celeborn

Fic 49:
g60 Silm Fanon - Finarfin the Pansy

Fic 50:
g49 Silm vs HP - Luthien Tinuviel vs Fleur Delacour

Fic 51:
n34 Song Lyrics - Tomorrow will take us far from home, no one will ever know our names - Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song

Fic 52;
i24 Song Lyrics - I'm not the hunter, I'm not the marked, I'm just looking for wisdom in the dark - Lights - Lions!

Fic 53:
o61 Sons of Feanor - Curufin fails at something

Fic 54:
n35 Sons of Feanor - Celegorm as an older brother

Fic 55:
g60 Steward and his sons - The Last of the Ruling Stewards

Fic 56:
i26 Stewards of Gondor - AU - Aragorn as Boromir's father

Fic 57:
g52 Stewards of Gondor - AU - Faramir never married Eowyn

Fic 58:
b3 This means war! - Feanor vs Fingolfin

Fic 59:
i29 This means war! - Finarfin vs Morgoth

Fic 60:
075 This means war! - Feanor vs. Morgoth

Fic 61:
b5 Write What You Know - Title of a favorite non-fantasy film

Fic 62:
i25 Crack Pairings 2 - Fingon/Arwen

Fic 63:
i26 Crack Pairings 2 - Celeborn/Fingolfin

Fic 64:
b12 Crack Pairings 2 - Pengolodh/Finarfin

Fic 65:
i16 Horror - Shapeshifters

...summaries to be edited in slowly but surely, whenever I'm not about to fall asleep in my chair....
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